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At Affordable Burial & Cremation streaming, we offer funeral home alternatives you can honor your departed loved one with dignity and simplicity.

Streaming a Burial?

At WCLmoments, we cater to you every step of the way. Here is what you need to know when choosing to use our Burial streaming service.


Consult with us so that we can better help you. We would gather all the information needed and take it from there.


Preparation and Documentation

Next we begin preparing for the event and send out detailed documentation on all the arrangements. This would confirm the date, time, and all additional information depending on your plan.


Finally, once all details are confirmed, we finish off by making arrangements to ensure that the streaming of your event goes smoothly.


We strive to help families by providing services

  • Our goal is to help lift your burdens during this troubled time.
  • We can help you make arrangements that will properly honour your loved one.

Cremation Services

We offer a simple and economical alternative to traditional funeral home services. Affordable Burial and Cremation provides a private ID viewing service to those who may need further closure.

Have questions? Call our service team on 1212-571-6845 for your no obligation quote.