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WCLmoments is the future of funeral streaming on the logical platform of choice. For those who live far away or have other barriers—financial, temporal, health-related—barring them from attending a funeral, we connect you to the world via our proprietary software and innovative platforms. WCLmoments Live Media Platform (LMP) is a *proprietary software developed to personalize, improve and enhance everyone’s streaming experience. Our platform allows any venue to stream a Funeral, Memorial or Burial service from anywhere in the world to as many places in the world, with no signal lost. Utilizing our *2-way stream (LMP), allows the broadcaster and the receiver to connect with full communication in high quality video and audio. This dynamic service is provided with virtually no risk involved and requiring only a small setup fee. The funeral planner simply creates a URL which can be used to inform their attendees about the option of viewing a live stream, if they are unable to attend in person.

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